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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" - Malcolm X

Goals are important for individuals in order to challenge their lives and live their full potential. These are a set of goals that I have set and will accomplish while in the University Honors program (not in order):


1. I will graduate Magna Cum Laude (GPR of 3.75 or higher).


2. I will earn a Bachelors of Arts in University Studies - Society, Ethics, and Law (Pre-law track).


3. I will succeed in my LSAT and go to God's destined Law school for me.


4. I will serve as an agent of change through my organizations, conferences, and programs.


5. I will learn how to implement a successful lifestyle(budgeting, saving, investing etc.) while in college.


6. I will excel in my Leadership Capstone project for the University Honors program.


7. I will advocate for African Countries with the African Union to promote human rights.

8. I will develop a helpful blog that will inspire others.


9. I will continually embody the motto: "Lift as I climb"


10. I plan to continue fueling my mind with conferences, educational events, and programs.


My goals range from academic, social and personal. I demonstrate a well rounded goal-set environment that can be accomplished with a place for improvement.