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The University of Chicago law school

In this school, I ate breakfast with current 1L (freshman) and 2L (sophomore) students, which was a soothing experience to begin asking our law school critical questions, and getting comfortable with the law school tour. I later attended a property law class which exposed me to a real law class experience and what to expect in a law school setting. Finally, I toured the campus and attended an Information/Q&A Session.

Current student session:

  • The University of Chicago focuses on interdisciplinary studies meaning studies combining different perspectives.

  • The University of Chicago runs in three quarters [ Sept-Dec, Jan - Mar, 2 weeks spring break, Apr-June(1L) / Apr-May (2L)].

  • Get involved on campus only in your 2L and 3L. 1L requires a lot of reading and the first quarter is the hardest but individuals assimilate during the third quarter.

During the tour & Property law class:

  • The library has 6 floors.

  • Professors assign seats.

  • Classes are chosen through the bidding system (rank top 5), if your first choice is not selected, you will be given your second choice.

  • Lockers are assigned to students.

  • The courtroom is used for appeal cases.

  • Paying for parking is required except for street parking.

  • The University of Chicago Student law review is a student-run journal headed by faculty which publish writing competitions, and your 2L (25-page single space) 10,000 words paper.

  • It is essential to be prepared before class by reading before class because the teacher calls on students for participation.

The University of Chicago Information/Q&A Session:

  • 185-195 student per JD class

  • LSAT: 155-180

  • Quarter system

  • 15+ clinical opportunities on both litigation and transnational law for 2L & 3L

  • 2017 employment rate: 98.1%

  • 170 classes to choose from 2L & 3L

  • Funding for public interest commitment (Pro-Bono, LRAP program, Summer funding, Spring break funding).

Application tips:

  • Early decision: September 01, 2019

  • Early deadline: December 01, 2019

  • Regular decision: January - March 2020

  • Regular deadline: March 01, 2020

  • Admitted student programming: Feb - April

  • Admission deposit due: Late April/ Early May

  • Resume: More than a page is allowed

  • Recommendation: 2 is recommended but 4 can be allowed

  • Not all students will have an interview

  • Financial aid: Merit & Need-based scholarship

For further inquiries: admissions@law.uchicago.edu, emkearney@uchicago.edu, Ann Killan Perry: apery@law.uchicago.edu, Kimberly Epps: kimberly.epps@chicagobooth.edu