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New York University School of Law

Exploring New York University was interesting because it was secluded on its own street to effectively encourage the effectiveness of students and accessibility. The Law school has a great minority representation, and provide numerous financial funding and scholarships to its students.

New York University School of Law Information/Q&A Session:

  • They have compulsory and elective courses.

  • There are optional reading groups.

  • 35+ centers and institutes.

  • 30+ student organizations.

  • 10 journal & moot court.

  • 23% of law school students come straight through from college.

  • Lawyering programs: Pass/Fail courses that introduce first-year students to real-world skills such as developing essential legal research and writing skills, engaging in simulated interviewing, counseling, case analysis, negotiation, and both informal and trial advocacy.

  • There are faculty and Law student residential halls e.g Hayden Hall, D'Agostino Hall, MacDougal D. Street e.t.c

  • Global study abroad options for 3L students e.g NYU Law Abroad.

  • Legislative and Regulatory Process Clinic in Washington D.C: 4 days of work in a federal agency and congressional office, 1 day in the classroom.

  • 13 colloquium: Conferences and workshops.

  • The Office of Career Services and the Public Interest Law Center organize numerous recruiting programs, panels and workshops, practice interview.

  • Available clerkship.

  • Public interest summer funding ($4500 first year, $6500 second year).

  • LRAP assist after graduation.

Application tips:

  • GPA: 3.8-3.9

  • LSAT: 167-172

  • Early decision: September 1st

  • Early decision deadline: November 15th

  • Regular decision deadline: February 15th

  • Resume can be 1-2 pages

  • Recommendation: 2 is recommended but 4 can be allowed

  • Additional Information/Addendum

  • Scholarship application deadline: January 1st

  • JD application automatically consider need-based/merit based scholarship

  • Full tuition award program

  • Furman Academic Scholarship: January 15th

  • Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarships: Full-ride scholarship awarded to students who intend to pursue careers in public service immediately after graduation or the completion of one or more judicial clerkship.

For further inquiries: Michael J. Ramos: ramosm@exchange.law.nyu.edu