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MSC Stark Northeast Trip 2019: IVY League Tour

This January 5-14, 2019, I was delighted to participate in the MSC J. Wayne Stark Northeast Trip because It was an opportunity to visit top law schools and aid my decision-making process for law school. I traveled to some law schools in Chicago, Boston, New York City and Philadelphia and was privileged to get insight into the culture and life in those cities.

As a result of the Start Northeast tour, I have finalized my law school options, gained well-needed insights about what to expect in law school, and experienced the real meaning of the Aggie Network as I networked with Alumni in several cities. I am thankful for the MSC Stark scholarship and the Launch travel grant for funding this experience.

The Law Schools toured include:

  1. The University of Chicago law school

  2. Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

  3. Harvard Business School & Harvard Law School

  4. Columbia Law School

  5. New York University School of Law

  6. The University of Pennsylvania Law School