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Columbia Law School

During the trip, I realized I had to take the subway station to go to Columbia Law school. I have never been on the train before so I did not know what to expect. The subway experience was hectic and scary because mass amount of people wanted to catch the train, and I had to figure out the closest stop to get off to catch a taxi/Uber to the location. Though I missed my stop, I am glad to say I was able to make it 30 minutes to the Informational session.

During the tour:

  • The tour was given by a 1L student called Sherwin Nam: SJN2127@columbia.edu

  • They have a United Nations depository library

  • They have guaranteed housing for all students e.g Morning-side heights.

Columbia law school Information/Q&A Session:

  • 25% of law school students come straight through from college.

  • LSAT is not the be all and end all.

  • The regular application is also the scholarship application for funding.

  • There are 30 students in 1L classes

  • Students have no power over their classes except elective classes.

  • Cross-registering is allowed for only twelve (12) credits.

  • Externships which are real-world experience include UN, Federal court e.t.c

  • Everyone is required to fulfill a Pro-Bono of 50 hours

  • Students involved in an unpaid internship will receive $5000

  • Different curriculum are available such as International and comparative law curriculum, human right curriculum e.t.c

Application tips:

  • Early decision: September 1st

  • Regular decision deadline: February 15th

  • Deposit deadline: May 1st

  • Guaranteed housing: May 15th

  • Personal statement include a question like “Why do you want to go to Law School”

  • Your resume is not limited to a page.

  • Some percent get interviewed.

  • Utilize the Addendum to included discrepancies about your grades, a gap in resume, not so great semester in college.

For further inquiries: Natalie Blazer: natalie.blazer@law.columbia.edu, admissions@law.columbia.edu